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March 28th NYC Shapeways Meetup

I went to another Shapeways meetup in Manhattan on Wednesday. These have been growing rapidly in popularity, and the bars and venues that have been chosen as venues so far will not have the capacity if they grow any larger. There are always some great projects being shown, and I always take the opportunity to share and learn about new design and innovations in 3D printing. This months meetup was notable for two reasons. Mike Williams, a pillar of the Shapeways community, is joining the team in NY, so he was there to chat and show his designs. The bigger news is that Ana Hevesi, the community manager of Shapeways, is moving on to another community management role in NYC, so this is the last meetup she will be hosting with Shapeways. I have worked very closely with Ana for over a year, and she has done an exceptional job building momentum within the Shapeways community and being the public face of Shapeways at many gatherings. During the Skillshare classes I’ve taught in NY, she has been at my side to assist in the class and organize those and other events. She has shown incredible support for me and the other designers in the community.  I’m sure we’ll see her around, as she is very active in the NY tech scene, but Shapeways is not going to be the same without her!