Chance Vought/ Sikorsky Factory Tour

Last month I spent a day photographing aviation history at the Sikorsky airfield in Stratford, CT. With the help of an enthusiastic volunteer from the Connecticut Air and Space Center I was able to freely explore the buildings and get great access to document this significant part of what was once the most powerful industrial infrastructure in the world. Most of it is now decommissioned and crumbling with age. I’m glad I have a chance to witness and share thisĀ  part of American history before it disappears forever (it is being re-developed into a resort). I will be spreading the work out over time, posting Sikorsky photos about once a week.

This first image is a scale model of the factory located in the conference room. Stepping into there was a trip back in time. The model comes from a major reconstruction after World War II.

Chance Vought factory model

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